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The Truth About Magic

The Truth about Magic

Before the Fall and the downgrading of our twelve-stranded silicon-based genetics we all possessed magic or innate divine technology. This is the language of our soul and the ability to communicate with all of creation, the Consciousness of the Earth, her deva and nature spirits, the elemental forces, the stars. We inherently had the ability to perform what now would seem like miracles or things we rely upon “artificial” technologically to do for us. In the Film Avatar the Na’vi are an example of a people who accessed their divine inner technology and understood the interconnectedness of all things. Our power, our magic, our divine technology was never used to harm others or for self-serving motives but only for the good of all concerned because we knew we were all ONE. These inherent gifts were part of our royal birthright as Cosmic Christ Beings. As the human being digressed into the fallen universe of duality, the integrity of our DNA was lost we also lost our “magic” or divine abilities. But there were a few who retained these higher strands of DNA and were born of “magic”. They had supernatural powers or “extrasensory” gifts. They possessed a “sixth sense.” Many also retained memories of our true racial history. Many of these avatars were “Christ Players”, whose births were arranged by manipulating the bloodlines so a great soul could incarnate into a twelve-stranded “Christos” body and retain the memories and powers of the original Christ Beings. These people were often looked upon as gods, messiahs, saints, magicians, gurus wizards and witches, cetera. These Christ Players incarnated throughout history during pivotal times with specific missions to help humanity in the "Christos Mission” of ascension or retuning humanity to its original divine place in the Cosmos as Divine Infinite Human Beings.

They have played powerful roles in our Earth history, both behind the scenes and in the limelight. These avatars had many jobs to support the Christos mission. Some Kokopelli(s) served to “seed” humanity with their higher DNA genetic codes to allow the star seeds born in this pivotal time frame to be able to activate their dormant twelve-stranded genetics now hidden, in what science calls our “junk” DNA. Throughout history, many of their offspring retained much of these advanced genetics and were born with these “intuitive” gifts while others remained dormant to be fully activated during this time of ascension. These gifted people practiced their innate divine technology or magic, to counter balance the darkness within our fallen world of duality. As a result, they used the power of the words or incantations, and other tools to help focus their thoughts and increase their power to overcome the lower frequencies of our earth. They understood the connectedness of all living consciousness, of nature and her earth spirits. They would use nature, the cycles of the seasons, plants, herbs, crystals, stones, ley lines, energetic portals, star gates, et cetera to help them to effect a positive change in the holographic fabric of creation. They also retained much of the true ancient knowledge before the Fall and would write this information down to be passed down from mother to daughter or father to son.

Throughout history, the dark side sought out these “gifted” humans and the knowledge they had recorded. When they found them, they condemned them as heretics and killed them in painful and humiliating ways to frighten people from practicing “magic" or using the power of their inner divine technology. During the Inquisition, they were depicted as evil and in league with the devil while in truth it was those who condemned them who were doing the “devil’s” work. They confiscated their work, and the true records of our history, and ascension mechanics and used it against us. They created diluted, inverted, weaponized versions of the truth mixed with lies to create narratives to enslave rather than empower people. They used this knowledge to create the dark arts of black magic to serve themselves and their dark agenda. They confiscated ALL TRUTH held by these evolved Chirsted Avatars and twisted and corrupted it. This sacred knowledge was weaponized to pull us further away from the fabric of all creation and distorted, to bring its users father away from the eternal light of Infinite Source into the false Luciferian Light of occultism and a false ascension matrix and used A.I. black magic against us to serve their Satanic Gestalt.

These Negative Satanic Intruders infiltrated the “pagan” groups who worshipped or worked in harmony with the “Oneness of All Things” and contorted these into Saturnian practices of the dark arts. They corrupted sacred festivals honoring the natural rhythms of our Mother Earth turning them into satanic blood-bath rituals. Over the centuries, they have confiscated our star gates and infected our ley lines. They have inverted our creator codes, enslaving the Divine Feminine energy and degrading it into the dark mother goddess, Baphomet. They have enslaved nature’s spirits turning them into shadow creatures such as goblins, banshees, ghouls, and hungry ghosts unleashed on this earth to do the dark side’s bidding and feed upon human souls. They tricked us into believing our natural inherent divine technology was evil and persecuted anyone who used their intuitive gifts. They murdered the true grail kings, like King Arthur, to stop the Albion Light Body from rising on the Island of Great Britain and degraded his sacred marriage with Guinevere into lies of infidelity. Likewise they corrupted the true teachings of Yesuah and his twin soul Sophia and usurped the true Christs by imposing their fake negative cloned versions and repackaging them as the “Ascended Masters” or fallen Archangels. These became the false icons or idols to be worshipped, sacrificed to, and distract you away from the true Christ which lies within you. You were taught to bow down and sacrifice to them. In many poor countries, starving people die in the streets while the temples are filled with tasty delicacies rotting before stone statues of the “gods”. This is not what these true Christ Beings taught, nor what they want for you. They do not want you to worship them. They wanted you to BECOME them. Christ is the door! You do not stop at a door, fall to your knees and worship it! You go through it! Christ never said “I am the only son of God” and you are supposed to WAIT for me to return and SAVE you. All this has been done with one purpose in mind to cheat you out of your ascension. The entire history of our planet has been an on ongoing war between good and evil that is culminating now. Everything has been planned to deceive, mislead and throw you off the sent of the power of Infinite God Source and the Divine not Artificial Technology which lies within you!

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