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The Truth About Magic

The Truth About Magic

Magic is the Language of the Stars, the encoded architectural language of the multidimensional consciousness spirit, that governs the morphological process of progressing consciousness energy into matter forms.  Its usage includes the building of the consciousness infrastructure that makes up the mechanics of the dimensional layers of the holographic reality, using the creation codes and complex instruction sets filled with light symbols that form the structures of time and dimension located throughout the Universal Time Matrix. All of this and more, comprises our original native human language that we have forgotten. The Language of our SOUL.


True Magic is knowing how to work with the very fabric of Creation. 

The dark side uses the bad copy which is what fake magicians use “sleight of hand” to distract, confuse, and embroil us away from the true power of magic that resides within our soul!

Since the dark side has no real power the only power it has is that of illusion. Like modern magicians who have no real magic they must put on a show pretending to create acts of magic. They must distract you in order for their deception to work. This is why they wear long sleeves, have pretty assistances, and work in the dark with smoke and mirrors. Because in truth it is ALL SMOKE AND MIRRORS. While your attention your consciousness your focus is drawn to where ever they want it to be they work their magic, they make the switch, they perform the “trick”. They trick you, they fool you, they glamour you, they scam you and you love it! You applaud their skill of deception, their ability to deceive, their trickery! 

Magic simply  put is the direction of energy, or the focus of energy to perform a certain task or function.  All energy holds certain frequencies, or vibrations or consciousness inherent within all living things. These sounds, and symbols are contained within the many wave spectrums of consciousness-energy that make up reality. These interconnected energy relationships are encoded into every molecule, present within every atom, found in every element in the matter world and inherent within the cells of our human biology; it is the consciousness that makes up our higher mental body matrices.

Before the Fall of  Humanity we were  twelve stranded silicon based Christos Divine Infinite Human Beings magic was within us all it was the true language of our soul our ability to communicate with all other levels of the consciousness, ALL LIVING THINGS, and travel inter-dimensionally. We communed with the Consciousness of the Earth and her many devas, nature spirits and elemental forces. This consciousness energy used thoughts, mental imagery and sounds through telepathic transmissions to affect the  cosmic creation codes of our holographic reality. In short, we inherently had the ability to perform what seemed like miracles, or acts of magic, because we understood the interrelationship of all things and were part of the oneness of all creation because we were of service to others and followed the Law of One, our power of magic was never used to harm others or for self-serving motives. These inherent gifts were part of our station as Cosmic Christ Beings. But our gifts were stolen from us and replaced with bad copies of “artificial” technology. The things Artificial technology does for us now easily performed with our minds and hearts through our organic technology of God’s natural laws. 

As the human digressed into the fallen universe of duality and the integrity of their twelves stranded DNA digressed we lost these abilities. But there were a few who retained the higher strands of DNA and with it they were born with “magic” or supernatural, extrasensory gifts. They also retained memories of our true  history. Many of these avatars, these Christs births were arranged by manipulating the blood lines so a great soul could be born into a twelve stranded Christ body and would retain the memories and powers of the original Christ beings.  These people were looked upon by the rest of humanity who had lost these gifts as “gods”, wizards, Christs. They have been positioned throughout history with certain tasks to help humanity in their ascension and return to their Christ status.  

This Christos mission  is the mission of returning humanity to its original Divine Christo Infinite Human Status has played many parts though out our history both behind the scenes and in the limelight. Christ Players have been seen as Messiahs, Christs, Prophets, King of Kings, Spiritual Teachers, Pharaohs, et cetera. These avatars had many jobs to support in their Christos mission such as  to interbreed or Seed humanity with their higher DNA. Many of their offspring retained much of their DNA in tact and were born with these “psychic” gifts while others DNA remained dormant to be fully activated during this ascension cycle. Throughout history, as we descended into the dark eon those with higher levels of DNA with psychic gifts with “magic” had to work harder within this fallen world of duality to override the lower frequencies. As a result, they used the power of the elements and words or incantations, and the support of sympathy magic drawing on the energy of nature. They understood how to connect with the living consciousness of nature and her earth spirits. They would use the cycles of the moon, the seasons, the plants and herbs, the crystals, stones and ley lines to help them effect positive changes in the holographic fabric of creation. They would write this information down and pass it down from mother to daughter, father to son. 

Throughout history and especially during the Inquisition the dark side searched out and these special people and this knowledge. All knowledge that had been written down and left for future generations was found and has been repackaged into inverted half truths and lies to serve the dark agenda.  When they found these gifted humans they condemned them as heretics and killed them in painful and humiliating ways to frighten people from practicing magic or reclaiming their innate  gifts and abilities. They depicted them as evil and in league with the devil while in truth it was those who condemned them who were doing the “devil’s evil work. Then they confiscated their work and used it to create dark or black magic to serve them. They corrupted, inverted, perverted watered down versions of the Truth of these “Christ Players” life’s works, Christos mission and recorded documents to fit their dark agenda. Many time depicting these people as dark evil beings or  making clones of them to serve their dark agenda making the saviors, as the only hope for humanity.

As Religion and the dark forces took hold of"magic" it began to corrupt the holographic fabric of our earth. They infiltrated the true mystery schools and "pagan" groups who worshipped or who practiced white magic to serve humanity and distorted their practices into the dark arts. They corrupted sacred festivals and rituals honoring the natural rhythms of mother earth and her creation into satanic blood sacrifices. They inverted powerful symbols and the divine feminine energy of creation into the Dark mother goddess Baphomet. They enslaved the nature spirits and deva kingdom turning beautiful fairies, sprites, hobbits and gnomes into goblins ghouls, banshees , hungry ghosts and other shadow creatures unleashed on this earth to do their bidding. They turned our natural inherent gift of magic into black magic and used as a weapon of darkness against humanity while persecuting anyone who used pure magic. To this day they seek our children born with these gifts and try to co-opt them to work serve the dark agenda.  They target Star Seeds and other awakening souls to lead them into a False Ascension Matrix of technology. True Ascension requires work inner work, mainly transmuting your own shadow self though the power of LOVE. It may not be the easy path, the path of Mass Awakening and Mass Ascension but it is the real deal. If you are being herded into a false ascension matrix you are descending not ascending. CHOOSE WISELY 

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