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Time To Upgrade Your Health!

Time to Upgrade Your Health!

Ascension News:

The Summer Solstice has flooded our Planet with major ascension upgrades which require us to make the necessary adjustments to embody this powerful energy.

True Healing must address all natures of the Human: Physical, Emotional,

Mental and Spiritual! A now more than ever the wise words of Hippocrates ring true. Not only did he state, Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine, but also in his essay entitled On Airs, Waters, and Places, Hippocrates suggested that our environmental (and a host of other factors) might influence the development of disease. Indeed we are ALL living in these times. No matter what narrative you are currently following, I think we can ALL agree on one truth…OUR WORLD HAS BECOME INCREASINGLY MORE TOXIC.

These times require us have our antennas up, paying close attention to our environment, our physical and energetic bodies. We must monitor how we are being impacted and be willing to make the appropriate changes when needed. First we must look to our home and work environment determining if they support our over all well being and be willing to change locations or occupations if need be, or learn how to make our environments more conducive to our unique needs for optimal Health.

Remember without Your Health you Have Nothing.

Then we need to address our physical body because without that you can not expand consciously.

You may want to take a good long look at your diet and let your food be your medicine.

You may need good clean (non GMO) non processed, locally grown if possible, foods, leaving the artificial ingredient world behind.

If you are carrying excess baggage, now may be a good time to cut loose and eliminate sugar, carbs and begin to burn fat instead of sugars.

You may want to look into supplements and herbs that are supportive of YOUR BODY

Most important you need to tune into YOUR Body NOW.One person’s medicine may be another’s poison.Likewise what was good for you last year may not work for you body NOW.

Give yourself permission to rest, relax, sleep, cocoon be lazy. Resting allows your body to assimilate these higher frequencies.

Simplify your life.Take it easy, meditate, hydrate, breath.

Healing modalities and exercise: You may feel guided to move away from “traditional” medicine and utilize more supple aligning therapies such as chiropractics, massage, acupuncture, reiki, healing frequencies, crystals et cetera and the list goes on. Investigate and find what works best for YOU!

Stop listening to the “experts” and learn to trust your own inner intuition. Likewise you may not want to “push” yourself with exercise but instead listen to what your body wants moment to moment.

Breath, stretch, be in nature and above all be loving and gentle with yourself.

Emotionally feelings of fear, anger, grief, sorrow, and emotional pain may surface for you to feel, recognize, honor, learn from and transmute with love.This is your personal journey into self forgiveness. self acceptance and self love. Don’t push it away. Accept these feelings, embrace them, learn and integrate the lessons they bring to you.

As you heal your own personal inner trauma and karmic wounds you may find your finite beliefs about the nature of reality dropping away. You may find your consciousness expanding into a greater reality, a broader perspective. Remember there is always a greater realty. There is no ceiling on awakening.You are Infinite.

As you clear space, drop densities you will be able to more fully embody the higher frequencies of the higher dimensions. You will be able to accrue more genetic material and activate your 12 strands of silicone based DNA.Your mind will expand as you transcend time and space. You will have more clarity and be able to comprehend more complex concepts of realties.

Spiritually your will merge with your more refined spiritual light bodies and soul families. You will reclaim your multidimensional nature. But this must all be firmly grounded in your physical form and daily lifestyle. You can not be a house of Eternal Light if your foundation is built on a sink hole.

As Above so Below….. Time to upgrade all of your natures as well as your environment!

Self Love is the Best Medicine

Peter Monroy M.D

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