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Winter Solstice A Time to Prepare for 2023!

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Winter Solstice:

A Time to Prepare: 2023 A Year of Great Change!

This Yule Tide Season brings with it heightened energies that will support you in your journey towards wholeness and unity consciousness that resides within. There is an uplifting surge coupled by a Shiva (destroyer) energy entering to help you to cut all the cords of the karmic patterns that bind you to the 3D prison time matrix so in 2023 you will be fully able to allow more 5D frequencies to run through you giving you a heightened surge of creativity, passion, and revitalization so you can more easily make your soul visions manifest.

2023: Some things you need to be aware of:

2023 is THE YEAR where the bifurcation of timelines between the 3D mind set of the controlled finite reality and 5D awakening consciousness will become delineated. Which means you really want to be on the 5D ascending timelines. This means you need to position yourself by taking care of old business, doing your inner shadow work, and cutting any ties that are dragging your down NOW! Life will become increasingly more difficult for those who hang onto the old paradigms. The good news is that never before will it be easier to SEE the karmic patterns that have kept you caught in the Merry-go-round of reincarnation and at long last break this Karmic Wheel. Situations that trigger you will continue to appear in your life as tests until you are at last able to end the emotional upheaval that living in the survival mode of fight and flight. Your deepest fears hurts, blames, grief and rage will be surfacing to enable you to put them to rest and once and for all end your role in the victim /persecutor cycle. You no longer have to play the victim! You no longer have to seek power from something or someone outside of yourself. You can rest in the peace of knowing your power is in your connection to Infinite God Source which lies within. You are free to step out of the karmic patterns that humanity has been repeating over and over again in an artificial time loop that has lasted over 250 million years. You have been in the same bad “relationship” having the same financial problems, creating the same health issues, and caught up in the same fearful reactions over and over again. Like the movie Ground Hound Day. The Ascension frequencies are growing stronger daily. 2023 will fully support those who choose to use the ascending timeline to do their own inner work and finally let go of their limited 3D mind control perspective and step out of their prison cell (phone).

Yes, I did say CELL phone. We have been living in a prison matrix where like children we have constantly taken our cues from an external power world like: God the Father Almighty, the Church, Spiritual Leaders, the Government, the Royals, our parents, our culture, the Media (and that includes social media) and now (A.I.) Artificial Technology that is telling us when to get up, when to sleep, where to go, what to think, how to feel, and whether to turn right or left. Why I even saw people using their cell phones to heal themselves! All this external stimulus drowns out the subtle inner voice of Infinite wisdom within us. We must retrain our minds and hearts to listen to the whisper of spirit which resides within all LIVING things. The gods of nature as the Mayans called them, or the deva spirits inherent in all living things. The trees, the stars, the animals. We must go within and learn to trust our inner voice and follow our hearts. The “CELL” phone you are using, relying on more and more daily is changing the algorithms of your brain, locking you into its finite prison “cell” intentionally caging your pineal gland with a low-frequency checkerboard matrix. This makes it more difficult for you to tune into Divine Infinite Source; with your organic microchip and serve the INFINITE!


The Good news is that even though growth may at times be painful, you are developing more awareness and being able to walk away from these karmic patterns once and for all. The truth is all you need do is LET GO. Stop being pulled into the drama and the trauma and Artificial of 3D Earth. Stop paying IT more attention than need be, when you can instead use your focused energy to be in a peaceful state of higher consciousness. It is in this way you can create the reality you want to live in on the 5D timeline. This raises your frequency so you can manifest from 5D attracting your soul tribe, creating true abundance (not just money) twin souls, good friends, radiant health, a beautiful healing living space, and a job that is part of your soul mission and ignites your inner passion provides freedom, self -exploration, and self-love. You will be guided to being where you are celebrated not tolerated and come together with people from a place of unity, love, and higher consciousness leaving behind your karmic patterns. This all awaits you in 2023. All you have to do is break the old karmic patterns by having the courage to break out of the mind control systems that are in-prisoning your consciousness and have the faith to follow that inner voice which may begin as a whisper but if you continue to empower that voice rather than Siri or Alexa or misinterpreted scriptures or political leaders, or the latest social media bomb, in short, your inner reality rather than the outer world of illusion, you will find yourself bifurcating onto the organic 5D timelines where,

"fairytales do come true, they can happen to you!"

Winter Solstice 2022

May I suggest you take a moment to remove yourself from the Christmas consumerism and family drama. Find a quiet spot to reflect. Light a candle and review your life. See all the amazing accomplishments you have achieved even if they seem small. Then take a good long look at any old patterns that are still binding you to the lower frequencies of 3D Earth. What in your life makes you feel sad, angry, nervous, fearful? Take a deep breath and tune inward. Embrace them rather than repeal them. Begin to meditate on what your life would be like without these limitations. Visualize, fantasize your wildest dreams coming true in every aspect of your life. FEEL the higher frequencies streaming in. Then set the intention surrendering your will to the higher will to Infinite God Source. This will allow you to follow your intuition to carry out the Divine plan rather than your into- wishing to chase your egotistical desires that will leave you empty.

As you move about your life in 2023 make the intention to deal with any life situation or peacefully walk away from any person, place or thing that is not in alignment with your infinite self living in the 5D reality. If you feel triggered with emotions such as anger, fear, hurt, blame, or jealousy know that you have created these feelings inside of you to heal your hurt inner child and go to Infinite Source for the unconditional love you need rather than an external source. You must cut the cords and have enough faith to walk away knowing Infinite God Source will provide for you and has something far better in store for you! This is the path to true abundance, finding you true soul mate, soul family, soul tribe and soul mission.

Paint yourself a world of perfection and let Infinite God Source clear your path. Have Faith. Let the broken 3D World go and you will inherit the 5D World.

Then and only then you will be free to move in between the multiple timelines as an Alchemist!

Many of us have felt called to be warriors, even martyrs during these past two years speaking out against the gross heinous atrocities against our fellow brothers and sisters during the rip-roaring 20s. I know I have. Historically, we have been living on a fallen planet and many of us volunteered to come here as part of a rescue mission.We have sacrificed ourselves many, many lifetimes for the good of others. But like everything our good-hearted nature has been used against us and we have been pulled into a karmic repeatedly time loop matrix with no end: Sacrificing ourselves to the false“gods” believing this is the pathway to ascension.