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True Freedom only comes from dependence on INFINITE GOD SOURCE (within YOU)!

Which only comes from True Ascension!

Everyone today seems to be in search of Truth & Freedom but the God’s honest Truth is the only path to True Freedom is that of Ascension. It is for this very reason that the pathway has been so heavily hijacked. What the “enslaving” powers that have existed on our planet for eons fear most is your ascension. Because they know this means your true liberation.This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the Truth that will “Set you FREE”! It is the only the path to True Freedom, that of Ascension or rising above Maya or in ancient Sanskrit means the “world of illusion” to the higher frequencies of SAT NAM or Truth. TRUTH IS A FREQUENCY! We do not know the truth because we have been held captives in the lower frequencies of the astral plane living in a world of illusion unable to SEE the forest for the trees.

The Good News!

The veil has been lifted and the pathway has been cleared! All you need do is to climb the mountain of higher frequencies of Truth to true freedom! It is for this very reason that The Pathway Home is being so heavily hijacked. So you captors are doing everything they can to halt your ascension, your liberation, your independence from them, freeing yourself from relying on them rather than Infinite Source within you! This means that as you ascend to a place where they can no longer control you, scam you, trick you, parasitically feed off you, you become untouchable okay un f***kable. It is as if you have climbed to the top of a pristine mountain top and the air is so pure that they cannot breath it. Or you have swam above the bottom feeders in the depths’ of the ocean’s dark murky waters to the crystal clear surface infused with the sun’s rays. They cannot follow you there. But to make it to the surface from the depths of the sea you must decompress, leaving behinds your lower densities. It may not be easy to reach the top of this mountain of ascension, you must scale many treacherous cliffs leaving behind all unnecessary baggage and gear and trusting that all you need will await you at the summit.

As you climb this Mountain of Frequency you may have to let go of all the people, places and things that populate the lower regions and even those aspects of yourself that bind you to the past. And the truth is most people do not want to let go. Most people do not want to make this arduous climb. Most people will not have the FAITH IN THEMSELVES that it takes to leave all that is familiar behind and take the road less traveled. So this is why the masses of humanity will take the easy path that circles around the foot hills of the Mountain right back into a prison labyrinth of deception, lies and and a finite AI prison matrix. Only those with courage, perseverance and faith who surrender their will to the Divine Infinite Creator’s Will will ascend the Mountain into the Freedom only Infinite God Source offers. Only those will return HOME! The rest are being rerouted into an AI prison matrix.

Excerpt from The Infinite Human Elizabeth Monroy M.D. Peter Monroy M.D.


Ascension has been called many things throughout history such as attaining Enlightenment, God-Realization, reaching Nirvana, Christ Consciousness, becoming a Yogi, (Yoga means union with God) and so on. In Alchemy this process is referred to as Transmutation, the Magnum Opus or the Great Work. It is defined as “to perfect any substance, creation or situation through its transformation back into its essential divinity.” Many ancient texts speak of striving to attain this perfected state of being but few are credited with achieving this exalted state. Christ, the Buddha and Krishna are the iconic examples. Many Yogis have followed rigorous disciplines to attain enlightenment. However, the Alchemical approach is similar to the method Michelangelo, an alchemist, used when he sculpted his masterpiece the David. He found the perfect stone and knew his David was inside. His task then was simply to carve away everything that was not the perfect essence of the David. That is the task at hand. We must purge, purify, detox, and release everything that is not true to our pure divine essence. We must remove all that is finite to free the Infinite within!

This Great Work of transmutation or ascension includes the detoxing of all our bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and the releasing of our shadow body. This becomes highly important as ancestral miasma and past traumas surface to be released and purified. We must release and heal old wounds and traumas, correct misalignments and dispel inorganic attachments in all our bodies. We must release the pain body and dis-ease from ALL our bodies. We must end the mind control programming, limiting belief systems and artificial timelines which have imprisoned us in a dream spell of spiritual misconceptions from our rewritten history and false tyrannical gods. We must purge limiting beliefs and practices that have kept us enslaved in the victim, victimizer’s roles and end sexual misery programming. We must end the divide and conquer tactics, misogyny and the division of our own inner masculine and feminine which has kept us locked in duality. We must embrace all life, our mother Earth as a living consciousness and her deva spirits and surrender our will to the Divine Will of God’s Natural Laws, the Law of One and the Oneness of All Creation. We must integrate our brain and our heart to be of service to others rather than egotistical service to self. We must become ONE!

As the frequencies increase making ascension more readily accessible, your life may become more and more challenging because all of your underlying issues, shadows and dis-ease will surface for examination, healing and transmutation. But isn’t it much better to free yourself from this darkness once and for all, rather than smearing honey over pus and limping through life? The truth is if you are not consciously choosing ascension you are passively consenting to descension. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.


“Who hath ascended up into heaven, or descended?”


Ascension has often been depicted as some blissful place in paradise where you go when you die or drop your body. You get to hang out with the “Ascended Masters” and everything is perfect. All you have to do is just “wait” for Judgement Day and the second coming of Christ, then, “poof ”, you are raptured into paradise. The truth is the kingdom of heaven is within. You actually in-scend or inwardly ascend by becoming the embodiment of these higher frequencies of the love and the eternal living light of Infinite Source. You do not have to die and drop your body. The only thing that needs to die is your finite identity or ego. It is not a place you are taken up to. It is the penetration of eternal rainbow light frequencies that infiltrate every cell of your being, transmuting you or making you inwardly-lightened, or enlightened! You do not have to go to a church, synagogue or temple to receive this. You are the temple, the House of God’s light.