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My Story

After many years of trying to define who I was and what is my highest means of expression on our planet, I concluded that I am a Divine Infinite Storyteller. Through years of contemplation, mediation and reflection I have realized we are all just stories in the mind of God the Divine Infinite Story Teller. What narratives we choose, define who we are and our perception of reality. I believe we all are writing our own life stories moment to moment whether we are consciously aware of it or not. The degree to which we let another hold the pen of our life story is the degree in which we have unwittingly continued to define ourselves as finite. When we can awaken to the truth that we are Infinite God Source, all that is, ever has been and ever shall be, we will be able to break free of the mind control spell story and step into our own power as the divine infinite storytellers of our own lives. We can be the Infinite Human Beings we were created to be and create the Infinite New Earth we came here to co-create.

I was born in Manhattan and according to my extremely proud father, the Obstetrician christened me a “perfect” baby. Every year at the time of my birth, my father would retell the story of how I was “perfect”I was. I used to feel that it a bar raised too high. But now that my father is gone I realize he was just reminding me of a message he and I had set up long before my birth, to remind myself throughout my life: I am PERFECT! In fact, WE human beings are ALL perfect …we just forgot. And now we are all embarking on this hero's journey, home. This Alchemist's Journey of remembering who we truly are and transmuting our finite imperfections, our shadow selves that have caused us to douse our brilliant creative sparkle of divine perfection.

To be Infinite you need only let go of the finite!

The catalyst for my awakening occurred one day in Kindergarten when I saw the skeleton of another girl in a dark bathroom. I thought everyone had this supernatural “x-ray” vision. Later, I read in Autobiography of a Yogi that this was the sign of a healer. It is only now that I have come to fully grasp the full power of this extraordinary gift, I had been given and how to properly use it.

X-rays expose the dark and light images in our bodies. This allows the healer to SEE where there is darkness…the dis- ease. As I moved through life I began to realize I had an uncanny ability to SEE the darkness in people, my environment, and the world at large. This was my supernatural power, my God-given gift: To SEE the truth.

But I soon found that the world did not accept those who had such extraordinary gifts and abilities and like many others, I learned to conceal my gifts rather than develop them. This was perhaps the greatest tragedy of my life. It also calls to mind a childhood memory. I remember putting my ear next to a large stereo consul, and listening to the song, “Puff the Magic Dragon,” by Peter, Paul and Mary, tears running down my face. I never quite understood why all my life, whenever I heard that song, I would break into tears. Now, I do. It was a memory of my star seed brethren, a Dragon Founder Race of noble and loving Guardians, entrusted with the recovery and restoration of Angelic Divine Infinite Humans Beings.

At times I felt so alone, forced to fit into the insanity of humanity, abandoned on a hostile planet, filled with beings who had no concept of who they were and what reality was all about. I know now, I was never ever really alone. Fortunately, I had many spiritual friends who inhabited my multitude of dolls and stuffed animals. They guided me through this maze of craziness, which I later wrote about in my children's book, The Magical Mist.

I was an extremely intelligent, intuitive, and talented child, but never could demonstrate my abilities scholastically. Because I was also extremely dyslexic, I did not perform well on standardized tests. This added to my frustration with the system. I always felt different, like an outsider. That, coupled with my high energy signature caused me to be teased and constantly bullied. I had long curly blonde hair, and was called frizzy Lizzy. So I learned to go to my spiritual guides for friendship at a very early age.

My father was a Presbyterian Minister who did not believe in religion. In 1969, my father and Sam Keen the celebrated author of Fire in the Belly, took a sabbatical from the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and went to study in Southern California. I found myself in the middle of Southern California in the “sixties”, and it was an amazing place to be! The Humanistic Movement was being born. My father was studying transactional analysis with Eric Berne, Family Therapy with Virginia Satir, Gestalt Therapy with Fritz Perls, and a host of other leaders in the humanistic movement that was born in California. We lived in a beachfront apartment and I began writing my first book at the age of eight! I count myself fortunate that I was influenced by so many amazing souls at such an early age!

When I returned to Kentucky, after experiencing the freedom of California, I felt stifled. I consoled myself in my love for creating stories. I would write, produce, and direct several productions for neighborhood kids, school assignments, or where ever the opportunity arose. My father, always a visionary, began writing books, and pioneering group, and family therapy in Kentucky. He was an excellent role model who taught me much about how to be of service to others in their times of need.

In high school, I kept my creative sparkle alive through theatre and creative writing. In college, I was blessed with the opportunity to study abroad in Italy and fell in love with the culture, history, food, and the people! I spent the rest of my college career going back and forth, and when I graduated I set out to get my Phd. in Florence, Italy. But Infinite Source had other plans for me. I was mysteriously pulled back to the USA. Soon it became apparent why. It was at last, time for me to meet my twin soul. I was not looking for him, far from it. It was not in my plans. In fact, I was on my way to Hollywood to become a famous! But my destiny awaited on “Hollywood” Beach in Florida, where I was reunited with Peter. That night we silently stared into each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity. He met my stare without hesitation which surprised me. We were searching for soul recognition trying to remember who we really were and what we had meant to each other.

Peter had no interest in spirituality when I first met him and I felt that our relationship was doomed. We fought daily about everything. He was a man of science, a doctor, I was into meditation, yoga, and herbs. He was a third time divorced, Cuban Mama’s boy and I was a pampered princess and daddy’s girl. Our relationship spelled disaster from the start. It is a miracle we stayed together. So many times we tried to leave each other, but a cosmic glue bound us together.

I am so glad we stuck it out. At long last Peter began to awaken. His intellectual curiosity took over and he began reading everything he could. As our Spiritual Journey together began to unfold we felt the desire to leave Miami. Peter quit his job as a doctor and we moved to the Canary Islands, the mountain tops of Atlantis. It was there Peter had a kundalini awakening, After that, I agreed to become Peter’s sacred spouse. At our wedding, my brother sang the words from a song from West Side Story, make of this hand, one hand, make of this heart one heart, even death can’t part us now. I knew that this was true. We had been reunited to return home together. Shortly after that, we met our spiritual teachers who were also twin souls.

We began traveling the world, setting up healing centers and being of service where ever we were called. We worked with our kundalini energy and we found ourselves on a mystical journey of awakening. Our relationship expanded beyond the confines of the physical. We could communicate telepathically, work together in our dreams, and feel the other's presence no matter where we were in the physical world. Our work took us to Native American reservations, poor black communities of the South, Coal mining communities of Kentucky, the Mexican migrant communities of California, and to the Chamorro people of Guam. Peter and I worked to evolve the healing arts into a practice of co- healing that addressed all four of the human natures: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I wrote books and gave workshops that fanned the creative sparkle of children warning, that the school system was robbing our children of their creativity and ability to think independently.

We had many wonderful adventures and were of great service to humanity, traveling to wherever we were called on our planet. In 2005 Peter ascended in Barcelona, Spain on a street called Passero di Grazia or passageway to grace. He was the love of my love and now gone. My grief was beyond words. I missed his smell, his touch, his laughter, his love, our life together. I fell into the darkest night of my soul. I moved to Italy and opened a film school devoted to creating conscious media and empowering the creative sparkle and inner creative voices of my students, who came from all parts of the world. I did my best to push away my pain and grief, but I began remembering my past life in Germany as a nurse during World War II. Peter had been killed by the American soldiers. I had been so distraught, I took my own life by overdosing on sleeping pills and falling asleep in a bathtub. My spiritual teacher had confirmed this and I asked her what was my karma for taking my own life. She told me to "LIVE". She told me this the first day I met her, years before Peter’s death and I thought to myself, that’s easy. Suddenly, I found that “living” without Peter was the hardest thing to do.

Even death won’t part us now, How powerfully symbolic were these words! It was to be in this lifetime that Peter and I had vowed to join our souls eternally, and we had. But all I could feel was the absence of Peter's physical body. To make a long story short I woke up one day in a rehab center. I had become addicted to sleeping pills. All I wanted to do was sleep, where I would meet Peter Pan in my dreams. It was then I learned the greatest lesson of my life and how to use the dark side to go deeper, how to face my deepest darkest fears, pain, and grief. I learned how to shine the light into the depths of my shadows and embrace my pain. This process did not happen magically overnight. It is an ongoing job of continuously embracing the dark nights of my soul and learning the lessons they have to teach me. I can honestly say I have come to love the dark side, for the lessons it

has taught me, and as a result, I began to love myself. I also began to feel Peter’s presence once more. He was with me, guiding me, loving me. He had never left me! He was just patiently waiting for me to realize he was still there. I realized we had indeed achieved the sacred alchemical marriage of soul union and become ONE. We could never be separated again, not by ti

me, not by spa

ce, nor even b

y death. We were at last one and still working together.

I began to incorporate this powerful process of Alchemical Transmutation

of the lower vibrations of the shadow self into the higher vibrations through the power of love with students and clients. It worked miracles for those who were ready to stop playing the victim in their life story face their inner pain and free themselves from their past. Through the years I have interwoven these lessons from my childhood under the tutelage of my father, spiritual teachers, and my own inner challenges with my education as an actress, author, filmmaker, artist and mental health counselor and my unique spiritual gifts and intuitive practices to assist others. I love to support those in their process of Ascension and Transmutation and to embrace their unique soul mission, to help co-create a New Infinite Earth.

I believe we live in an exciting time where the dark side is inciting us all into a “Call to Action”. This action requires us to extract ourselves from the old broken finite Earth mindset and its consciousness traps and take back our power and to do the job we were sent here to do. We are the solution! We are all collective co- creating a New Infinite Earth, outside the boundaries of the broken and corrupted systems and in alignment with Divine Cosmic Sovereign Law and Infinite Source, based on love and compassion and respect for all life on our Mother Earth.

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