My Story

After many years of trying to define who I was and what is my highest means of expression on our planet, I concluded that I am a Divine Infinite Storyteller. Through years of contemplation, mediation and reflection I have realized we are all just stories in the mind of God the Divine Infinite Story Teller. What narratives we choose, define who we are and our perception of reality. I believe we all are writing our own life stories moment to moment whether we are consciously aware of it or not. The degree to which we let another hold the pen of our life story is the degree in which we have unwittingly continued to define ourselves as finite. When we can awaken to the truth that we are Infinite God Source, all that is, ever has been and ever shall be, we will be able to break free of the mind control spell story and step into our own power as the divine infinite storytellers of our own lives. We can be the Infinite Human Beings we were created to be and create the Infinite New Earth we came here to co-create.

I was born in Manhattan and according to my extremely proud father, the Obstetrician christened me a “perfect” baby. Every year at the time of my birth, my father would retell the story of how I was “perfect”I was. I used to feel that it a bar raised too high. But now that my father is gone I realize he was just reminding me of a message he and I had set up long before my birth, to remind myself throughout my life: I am PERFECT! In fact, WE human beings are ALL perfect …we just forgot. And now we are all embarking on this hero's journey, home. This Alchemist's Journey of remembering who we truly are and transmuting our finite imperfections, our shadow selves that have caused us to douse our brilliant creative sparkle of divine perfection.

To be Infinite you need only let go of the finite!

The catalyst for my awakening occurred one day in Kindergarten when I saw the skeleton of another girl in a dark bathroom. I thought everyone had this supernatural “x-ray” vision. Later, I read in Autobiography of a Yogi that this was the sign of a healer. It is only now that I have come to fully grasp the full power of this extraordinary gift, I had been given and how to properly use it.

X-rays expose the dark and light images in our bodies. This allows the healer to SEE where there is darkness…the dis- ease. As I moved through life I began to realize I had an uncanny ability to SEE the darkness in people, my environment, and the world at large. This was my supernatural power, my God-given gift: To SEE the truth.

But I soon found that the world did not accept those who had such extraordinary gifts and abilities and like many others, I learned to conceal my gifts rather than develop them. This was perhaps the greatest tragedy of my life. It also calls to mind a childhood memory. I remember putting my ear next to a large stereo consul, and listening to the song, “Puff the Magic Dragon,” by Peter, Paul and Mary, tears running down my face. I never quite understood why all my life, whenever I heard that song, I would break into tears. Now, I do. It was a memory of my star seed brethren, a Dragon Founder Race of noble and loving Guardians, entrusted with the recovery and restoration of Angelic Divine Infinite Humans Beings.

At times I felt so alone, forced to fit into the insanity of humanity, abandoned on a hostile planet, filled with beings who had no concept of who