The Pathway Home

Many of you have left dear friends and family members behind in your quest for truth and deeper self knowledge. Many of you have found the confines of your previous lives too finite, too limiting to contain the vastness of your rapidly expanding consciousness at this time. Many may feel alone and grieving the life, the people, the family, the tribe that no longer shares your higher perspectives of reality nor heed your call to adventure. You are the courageous ones who are embarking on the hero’s journey of self discovery, expanded awareness and returning home to your infinite state of being. Like all heroes on their journey you will face moments of great loneliness, of facing many challenges and over coming your inner demons. But the reward at the end of your journey, the elixir of life is well worth the journey. Know two things as you travel the road less traveled. You are never alone…but ALLONE. And all those you left behind will one day rejoice in your triumph and be glad that you had the courage to go where they were not able. You will return to your home tribe and share the bounty of your wisdom and the lessons of your journey to help those you left behind embark on their own journey. By taking this journey you are changing not only yourself but the entire ancestry of your family past, present and future as well as everyone you have touched in your life. Those who attack you now will come to love you as they see the changes in you. Have faith, go forward and do not grief those left behind because no one in God’s world is ever left behind.

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