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The Pathway Home

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Many of you have left dear friends and family members behind in your quest for truth and deeper self-knowledge. Many of you have found the confines of your previous lives too finite, too limiting to contain the vastness of your rapidly expanding consciousness at this time. Many may feel alone and grieving the life, the people, the family, the tribe that no longer shares your higher perspectives of reality nor heed your call to adventure. You are the courageous ones who are embarking on the hero’s journey of self discovery, expanded awareness and returning home to your infinite state of being. Like all heroes on their journey you will face moments of great loneliness, of facing many challenges and over coming your inner demons. But the reward at the end of your journey, the elixir of life is well worth the journey. Know two things as you travel the road less traveled. You are never alone…but ALLONE. And all those you left behind will one day rejoice in your triumph and be glad that you had the courage to go where they were not able. You will return to your home tribe and share the bounty of your wisdom and the lessons of your journey to help those you left behind embark on their own journey. By taking this journey you are changing not only yourself but the entire ancestry of your family past, present and future as well as everyone you have touched in your life. Those who attack you now will come to love you as they see the changes in you. Have faith, go forward and do not grief those left behind because no one in God’s world is ever left behind.

CHAPTER 1 PHYSICIAN HEAL THYSELF About twenty-five centuries ago a man named Hippocrates founded what is known today as modern medicine. He believed that to become a physician required not only knowledge and skills but a life long commitment to help others without harming self or others in the process. Prim um non nocere (First do not harm). He also taught his students that to achieve wellness, a healer must treat the whole patient and not just the dis- ease. Hippocrates also found that the environment in which the patient lived greatly effected the type of illness and its severity. The lifestyle, diet and stress level a patient experienced commonly dictated what illness would be manifested in the individual. It seems ironical that, in the modern world of medicine, many methods that Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, employed would be considered “alternative medicine.” Oddly enough, what is now known as traditional or allopathic medicine is a recent byproduct of the medical sciences, whereas nontraditional medicine, such as energy work, herbology and homeopathic remedies, have been around much longer. Perhaps it is time we switch names, since historically speaking, modern medicine is the new kid on the block. The Healing Arts have evolved into two distinctly separate camps: traditional and non traditional medicine. As politics dictate, these two groups are constantly trying to discredit and negate the others accomplishments and usefulness. Why not instead merge traditional and non traditional medicine and evolve the Healing Arts to a higher level? As new healers emerge from the blending of these two sciences, the Healing Arts will be in a unique position to evolve beyond the Hippocratic teachings using the vehicle of science to bring spirituality into the physical form. Through the integration of these two contributing branches, this new breed of healers will treat not only the physical body, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to achieve true wellness. In this fashion medicine can evolve into a union between patient and healer as they work together to achieve a common goal. The patient accepting responsibility for his/her dis- eased state thus works as a cohealer with the physician/healer. By utilizing the best from both worlds, providers can offer a broader array of options for their patients. In Ancient times the role of a healer was also that of a holy man, or spiritual 2

THE PATHWAY HOME leader. The healers job was to see where spirit was blocked in the afflicted and how to best assist the person in becoming unblocked, allowing spirit to flow through them with ease, unhindered. These medicine men, Shamans or spiritual leaders role was mystic in nature. They possessed the ability to “see” into the various spiritual levels and dimensions to perform work there. The Shaman, or holy man studied all aspects of the human and spiritual realms to determine how to return the individual to wholeness. This advanced mode of healing brought the spiritual and the physical worlds together. This a very sacred activity and only the most evolved souls were permitted to engage in it. To the Native Americans someone who had powerful medicine possessed a strong connection to the spiritual world. These souls had to themselves be whole (Holy).



Just finished reading Elizabeth and Peters’ spiritual book:

Firstly, it talks about how Peters's spiritual journey evolved from working in modern medicine and how he could see that the healing arts or treating the patient as a whole and not just a disease was a better way to bring the patient to full wellness by the patient excepting their role in their rehabilitation. i.e taking into account lifestyle, diet or any underlying lifestyle stresses.Everything is brought into sharp perspective by the way it is intuitively written.Indeed some chapters were so close to my heart that I felt every word that was written .Indeed I felt a tear or two trickle down my face in many a chapter.There is a great section on Greed, which you can see in our world today and how greed is a Disease that cripples the individual of feeling the joy of all the god given blessings we have on this earth .You can’t beat the feeling of stepping out on a summers day with sound of the birds singing and breeze blowing through the trees as your heart sings in the knowing that you are loved with every strand of your being .

“You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one”

The final chapter talks of returning home and gives greater awareness to anyone seeking guidance towards inner peace and harmony with god source.I have searched all my life to truly find god through religion.As a child I would wander down to our local Methodist church because I loved to hear the stories of Jesus and his disciples.I relished the opportunity to sing and express my love for god .Sadly my beliefs were dampened down over the years by the belief systems indoctrinated in me .Consequently I blamed god for everything that went wrong in my life .I have, as you say been brought back to the fold by realisation of my past belief system and the lies that have hidden the truth.I have over the past couple of years lost many friends and family members because of my beliefs but spiritually I am liberated and very aware of life’s joys.I will look forward to the future with great enthusiasm now, as I per-sue my life’s services to help others.

Thank you Elizabeth and Peter for your life’s work in finding the true meaning of life as it was meant to be and being able to share it so eloquently with others .

It was a joy to read

Lesley Quinn

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